Ali – from broken to restored

When I was five years old I heard from my dad about Jesus and His miracles of healing and raising the dead. Even in my childish mind it was amazing that a human being could do such things! So I started liking Jesus a lot and wanted to know Him even more, but my father, realising my interest, started telling me more about the prophet Mohammed to redirect my thoughts. When I started school in Tehran, Jesus was introduced to us as a great prophet, but the teachers also wanted to show us a better and more amazing picture of Mohammed. 

One day my dad came home from work with a commentary translation of the Bible that was given to him by a Christian colleague. I got very excited and started reading it every now and then. I realised the contrast to what I’d learned at school; to my amazement Jesus was called the Lord in this book! My family got worried about my interest in the Bible and it was taken away.


'During my childhood I was subject
to a series of sexual assaults... 
I became full of pain and hate,
eventually leading me to a life
of homosexuality.'


During my childhood I was subject to a series of sexual assaults. At the age of eight I was molested by a man, leaving me broken and growing with fear and hopelessness at a very young age. Again, at age 13, I was raped. My feelings of worthlessness grew and I became full of pain and hate, eventually leading me to a life of homosexuality.

As I grew up, I started getting involved with Islam and its rituals, believing I could stand before God sinless because I was following all its rules, despite the sinful lifestyle I was living. From reading different articles online I became convinced that my sexuality was the way I was born, and many of my friends believed the same.

At this time I came to know a group of people who believed redemption could be achieved through a life of meditation and austerity. I started following them and their beliefs for the next four years. During those years I felt my life was surrounded with darkness and I grew more and more anxious by the day. The hatred I felt toward my family and society was endless. I also had some health problems with one of my eyes, but doctors could not find out what the problem was.

One day, at age 20, I was at home watching TV and accidentally turned to the channel ‘Mohabat’ which means ‘Love’. There was a programme called ‘Living hope’ where I heard the message of the Gospel for the first time. The powerful message touched my heart and I felt an amazing warmth from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I gave my heart to Jesus that day.


'God took all my illnesses away
one by one and set me free!'


Since then everything changed, Jesus took the hatred away from me and filled my heart with love. As a result I started praying for my family, friends and even people I didn't know. One day I put my hand over my troubled eye and prayed for it in Jesus’ name; healing was instant! I asked Jesus for emotional healing and freedom from darkness too, and made the decision to stop the meditation I’d been following.

God took all my illnesses away one by one and set me free! From reading the Bible and learning more about God, I was convicted about my lifestyle. I knew God was telling me directly that this way of living has no place in the sacred life He wants me to live. In 1 Peter 1:16 He asked me to be holy, just as He is holy.

I'd heard about 222 so I emailed them to share my story. They have been a great support for me with prayers and counselling, and even sending me some literature. Today I am writing my testimony boldly. In the last year and a half God has been saving me from the way evil had led me. There is still temptation sometimes, but He who put His life on the cross and had victory over sin, is asking us not to sin, and He enables us to do so by His power, ‘For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.’ (Romans 11:36)

I invite people who are in bondage to sexual sin to kneel down before His throne and confess your sins to Jesus, the Holy Son. Believe in Him as the redeemer and His work on the cross to save all of us and ask Him to come to your heart. Ask Him to fill you with the Holy Spirit, read the living word of God and you will see how He changes your life into a masterpiece.


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