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Written on July 20, 2016

God is working in supernatural and extraordinary ways amongst Iranian and Farsi-speaking people, giving many dreams and visions of Jesus, and doing miraculous healing. Over four years ago, I accepted God’s invitation to join in this work with Him by starting a monthly prayer group in support of 222 Ministries International. Our aim is to come into God’s presence, without a fixed agenda, and to pray as He leads us. 

As the weeks and months pass, we continue to hear stories of people finding a relationship with Jesus, their joy in knowing the God who loves them beyond measure, and so often His comfort and transforming presence in their suffering. We know this is no coincidence. God hears our prayers and is moved by our heart for the lost and broken. So many times in His word he reminds us to ask; to keep asking; to ask in His name. So as we come together time and time again, we can have confidence that He hears and will act on our behalf. Not only that, but as we seek our Father’s heart for His people, we come into a closer relationship with Him and are changed in His presence.


'Our aim is to come into God’s presence, without a fixed agenda, and to pray as He leads us.'


Here is what one of our group members says, ‘I have been a Christian for 74 years and can honestly say the 222 prayer group is the best prayer group I have ever been involved with. God, in His grace, meets with us every single time we come together. He speaks through different members who bring words of wisdom, encouragement, prophecy and challenge. By His Spirit He shows us the areas of the 222 ministry we should pray for and we rejoice when we hear answers to our prayers in the months ahead. My wife and I look forward to meeting with other members of the group every month. Hallelujah!’

As the chaos and destruction grows in the Middle East, what better way of helping ‘hearts of stone’ being changed into ‘hearts of flesh’ than to pray regularly for the work of 222 Ministries. I find it hard to describe the privilege and joy of praying with others each month; it has to be experienced. 

If this encourages you, might you consider starting a prayer group in your locality? The great thing about prayer groups is there are no right and wrong ways to do it. You can meet once a month like us or more frequently, they can take a variety of formats or be very loose in structure; it’s up to you and your group. There is also plenty of information on the new 222 Ministries prayer page, with regular updates to help you know what to pray for, but as you come into God’s presence in your prayer groups, He will lead you.


222 Ministries UK Trustee


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