Dastane ma update

Written on September 21, 2016

Earlier this year we launched our Farsi testimony website, ‘Dastane ma’ (Our story), a long anticipated collection of films sharing the Good News through personal testimony. It’s been an amazing few months, both in interactions from viewers around the world and also other Iranian believers wanting to share their stories and be included in the collection. There is such power in a single testimony alone, how much more when many believers come together, each with a unique journey which brought them to Christ, sharing them for the world to see!

In the first five months alone, since the site officially launched in May 2016, we have had over 30,000 hits to this site, and over 2,000 interacting in some way. This is on just over 50 stories! As more and more offer to share their story publicly, we expect huge numbers to be viewing these powerful testimonies, many of whom will be hearing a Christian testimony for the first time.


'God has chosen you from the very first day and he will be your rock until the end. Your faithfulness to the Lord is obvious to everyone.’ 


Our comments section with each video allows people not only to leave their thoughts, but to actually communicate with the person sharing their story, giving opportunity for questions and conversations to develop, and for the speaker to be encouraged by others. ‘Your story is touching and thought provoking. God bless you.’ wrote one. ‘God has chosen you from the very first day and he will be your rock until the end. Your faithfulness to the Lord is obvious to everyone.’ said another.

As the Iranian regime does all it can to keep the Good News out of the country, we will continue moving forward producing more resources, providing better security against attacks and finding more ways to get the truth heard. As one speaker said about his experience, ‘When I first sat down to record my testimony, I doubted it would get to the audience Dastane Ma is targeting. The Iranian regime has made it so hard for people inside Iran to reach the truth through the internet. But when I saw the final version of the website I was amazed to see that they had everyone and everything in mind, making it possible for viewers to watch a story, or to listen to it or read it! That’s so important for people in closed countries like Iran and Afghanistan. I feel privileged to be a part of the great movement Dastane Ma has started and I hope it continues to grow in popularity, both with believers and truth-seekers.’

We are so encouraged by the progress and popularity of this site in its first few months. May God, through his Holy Spirit, speak into the depths of people’s hearts, and may His Truth resonate as they watch, listen and read of His work in people’s lives. As we commit this tool into the hands of our Mighty God, we are fully expectant for thousands more to come to Christ through the power of God ministering to people through these stories. Please join with us in this prayer!

To view the films visit dastanema.com


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