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Written on June 14, 2017

Iranians are amongst the highest users of the Internet in the non-western world. In a country of almost 80 million people that is a huge opportunity we cannot afford to miss. This is why we serve Farsi-speaking people all around the world through our websites. Read more about our Internet Ministry here.


In this article, we share with you the latest updates as well as some statistics regarding our internet ministry.


Our Bible College now has 845 active students who are studying our 143+ online free lessons. Our technical team members have made it possible for our students inside Iran to receive free VPN services from us by sending an empty email to A number of students inside Iran have thanked us for this useful service. 


Our students are receiving responses to their posts on a daily basis. These include questions, suggestions, problem reports, etc. They hear from us often within 10 hours. 


Our news agency, FCNN has recorded 563,914 hits just on the homepage since its launch in April 2016. That’s more than 1,320 views per day just for the homepage! We have hundreds if not thousands of views on posts/pages too.


After receiving many requests asking us to secure our 222 Publications online shop, we secured the website and encrypted it end-to-end using SSL certificates. Now our customers can securely surf and order on our online shop. In addition to securing the website, we are upgrading its looks and features completely. We will launch the new version of our online shop soon!


The other website we have completely re-designed is our Family Website which aims to help and educate Farsi-speaking families around the world. The new design is very user-friendly and completely mobile-friendly. Now our visitors can use the website on any device comfortably. Our content managers are working hard to publish fresh content on this website on a weekly basis.


Our Q&A website, PorPasokh now has detailed answers to 653 questions by the content managers and the visitors. Our team members are working hard to answer more and more questions as time goes by.


We have added new sections and pages to our main website too. Our Netherlands page was launched recently. Users can find information regarding the services of 222 Ministries in Dutch. In addition to this page, our Netherlands team has created a Quiz about Christianity and Iran. People who participate in this quiz have the chance of winning a pearl. 


In addition to our Dutch page & quiz, you can see Zahra’s story in the Testimonies section as well as a new image gallery related to Operation Christmas Joy


Our technical team members are putting a lot of time and effort into all of our websites. Our goal is to serve as many Farsi-speaking people as we can, globally. The statistics are showing that we are doing really well for an organization that has not appropriated any funds for paid advertising.


Below you can see a table of statistics for most of our websites from January to May 2017:

Website Sessions Unique Visitors Page Views New Sessions
222 Bible College 8,492 3,668 51,712 40.41%
222 Ministries 8,378 5,918 21,644 67.84%
Dastane Ma 1,634 1,060 9,110 59.61%
Farsi CRC 13,520 8,730 79,446 60.93%
Farsi Network 3,742 2,000 5,148 49.97%
FCNN 52,210 39,166 226,362 71.06%
Javanan 556 494 1,252 87.05%
Kanune Shadi 558 436 1,532 75.63%
Kolbehe Ma 6,746 5,266 10,842 77.11%
PorPasokh 11,378 6,390 41,118 53.24%
222 Publications 3,608 2,386 19,384 63.19%
Sama TV 16,186 12,878 24,282 77.02%
Totals 127,008 88,392 491,832 65.26%


Please help our internet ministry by:



May God bless all of you for supporting us in any way you do.


Arash Emadi
Web Development Manager
222 Ministries International


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