An appeal from the president's desk

Written on November 17, 2017

Dear Friends of 222

We will be soon celebrating 'Thanksgiving' with our loved ones. There is so much to be thankful for. Most importantly having an intimate and eternal relationship with Christ, having the assurance of salvation, is a gift beyond measure! Living in peace with the Father and in His family is an unmerited gift.

We, in 222 Ministries, express our gratitude to God for finding us worthy to partner with Him in gathering this unprecedented harvest. What a privilege to serve Him, what an honour to be called coworkers with Jesus!

Yet, like Nehemiah, Maggie and I and indeed our int. ministry team, have sad faces. Almost every day we receive news of 'Broken walls and burned gates!

While in many Islamic countries, such as Pakistan, the mobs are full of bitterness against Israel, the only Islamic country which ‘curses’ Israel and its people, every day, is Iran. Our nation has pronounced curse at ‘every’ religious and national gathering and every day, school kids march on flags pronouncing 'death'!

The Bible is very explicit and clear what befalls on those who do this. The Iranian clerics did not wake up after rivers and lakes dried up, land masses collapsed at an alarming rate! Now, this earthquake is yet another warning!

What should our response be to the above dire situation? We, followers of Christ, same as Nehemiah, should cry and confess the sins of our people and intercede as more calamities will give unimaginable national anguish. Maybe like leaders in Nineveh, leaders in Iran will repent of all their sins and atrocities perpetrated against Christians for Four decades.

We are resolved to pray and engage in loving action.

Firstly, We know of hundreds of Christian families scattered in over thirty cities in Turkey.

Encouraged by the overwhelming response from ministry during the last five years, we would love to bless over one thousand children and their families, through Christmas celebrations, offering New Year's baskets, including food and clothing, and offering winter fuel assistance for four bitter cold months.

Secondly, we are planning training programs in our miracle training facility in The Middle East. Our aim as always is to train and equip the future 'destiny makers', the Daniels and Esther's of our generation. We can take 50 students and teachers in each 'one-week' setting. Each trainee costs $750 and each program as a whole $37,500.

This year, in 2017, Maggie and her team of warriors trained 180 women. In 2018 Maggie is planning 7 conferences for 280 women! The harvest is not only ready it's huge!

Would you please consider supporting the participation of ONE person or a group of TEN or support a one week program! These trainings are the core and unchanged passion of 222!

We praise God for His everlasting mercies and abundant provisions every year! We thank God for you, dear friends of 222 Ministries, for your love, generosity, prayer and encouragement. Would you please stand with us in this 'last lap', let's win this round as well, only to His Glory!

Lazarus & Maggie Yeghnazar

222 Ministries International


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