Encourage, Edify, and Equip

Written on November 28, 2017

In September, a team of 6 women leaders at 222 finished two back to back conferences in two cities in the Middle East, for Iranian women in church leadership - gathering and investing in some 90 Iranian Christian leaders over the course of 8 days.

Reverend Maggie and her team of 5 other anointed women had been praying and preparing for months for these events, with the clear goal of encouraging, edifying and equipping Iranian women in church leadership.

The team (from left to right) consisted of Silva (Netherlands), Stella (Netherlands), Anet (Netherlands), Rev. Maggie (UK), Anna (USA) and Dolores (USA).

Most of the participants had come from outside of Iran, and some from our closed country. One of those who had been able to join us from within the country had the opportunity and joy to be baptized amongst fellow believers while she was with us! Just before she was baptized, while we were praying for her, she was filled with the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues. It was such an incredible experience for everyone present. Truly a heaven on earth encounter.

Power, Love and Self-Discipline

The conferences started and finished with 2 Tim 1:6-7 "For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline".

During both conferences, delegates saw God's hand moving in mighty miraculous power, delivering, transforming, encouraging, edifying and equipping individuals according to where each person was. Lives were truly transformed, empowered and propelled further on in their intimacy with God and in their understanding of his call and work in their lives.

Powerful Teaching

True to every 222 conference, the teaching offered was tailored, powerful, and deeply rooted in the Word of God. Topics offered a careful balance of theology and practical life - including:

  • The Trinity and our relationship with each person of the Godhead
  • Identity in Christ
  • Boundaries. Culturally very relevant and a real eye-opener for some!
  • Practical Love
  • Praying like 'believers' and not 'beggars'
  • The power of words
  • Gratitude and joy in all circumstances (very relevant topic, considering how many of the delegates are refugees waiting for residency in a Western country)
  • How to study and benefit from the Word of God
  • Tithing. The concept and the need - a breakthrough for many!

Delegates were blessed with an anointed group of teachers who shared from their heart and from personal testimony as well as with sharp accuracy from the Word of God.

Powerful Encounters


The response to the teaching was overwhelming, and many had fresh revelation of their place in the body and the gifts of the Holy Spirit that had been entrusted to them.

Each morning started with incredible times of intimate and powerful worship which truly helped participants awaken to the presence of the Holy Spirit and start worshipping the Lord with all their being, allowing Him to come and minister to them and prepare them for whatever was planned for the day.

As we have grown to expect, God moved powerfully throughout the conference, particularly in the areas of physical and emotional healing and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Praise God! He is ever faithful, ever present, and ever ready to shower us with blessing.

The participants left encouraged, edified, having received some practical tools to aid them in their life and ministry with God.

"God was amongst us!"


This is an excerpt from the report sent in by Stella, part of the leadership team and the worship leader at both conferences:

"God was indeed among us. First of all the joy and pleasure that we as a team had with each other, the unity and oneness was amazing. Many times prophecies that were given during the worship/prayer, were confirmed at least by two other team members.

The teachings touched the women's hearts and opened their eyes. They not only encouraged them but also brought them closer to God and gave them a better understanding of Who He truly is. As a result of that they could willingly surrender to Him.

The times of worship melted the ice, brought healing, deliverance and joy. They experienced God’s sweet, indescribable presence and touch, so they became hungry for more. Each day their hunger increased and they were more open to receive. Tears were shed but joy came afterwards and washed away pain that they had suppressed for many years. They decided to forgive and let go of the past. Most of them were transparent and shared their painful stories in group settings and some needed time alone with one or two leaders.

The proclamation cards were very useful. We as leaders made ourselves vulnerable many times and that, I believe, helped them to betteropen up to each other and the leaders. Games, as always showed them that laughter and joy is a part of heaven. They loved it! It also helped them to see the leaders in a different way.

I believe they all received what they needed, some flourished immediately and some received quietly and will show the fruits later. God's Word never comes back empty.

Some marriages on the edge of divorce were hopefully saved. Physical healings were observed. There were lots of baptisms in the Holy Spirit. All together it was a heaven on earth experience for me!

I am eternally grateful for being a part of these amazing gatherings!"

Please consider your response


Please pray for those who came to the conference, that now a week or two on, the Holy Spirit will continue to remind them of what they have learnt, and that he will complete the good work he has begun. Many of the ladies experienced incredible fresh encounters with the Lord, new revelation of his Truth in their lives, as well as healing and deliverance from a host of physical and emotional issues. Pray that God will protect the work he has begun, nurture growth in new areas, and that as a result, he will raise a host of mighty powerful women of God to be his mouthpiece and to play their part in expanding his kingdom amongst Iranians throughout the world.

Please pray for our core team who served so tirelessly at both conferences. Pray for deep refreshing and strengthening. Pray that others will be raised up to serve in the same capacity.

If you are already a financial partner of 222, your investment allowed us to run this conference. Many of the delegates were Iranian refugees from the Middle East with minimal resources of their own to attend such an event. Your funds allowed us to invest in these precious lives and we expect great fruit as a result. Thank you!

If you don't partner with us financially, would you consider sponsoring even one delegate to a similar event in the future? It costs $750 to cover the expense of travel and full board for one delegate to attend  a conference or training event for a week in the Middle East.



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