How 222 Ministries started


 ‘Iran will one day be open to the Gospel. Your mission is to help the Iranian church, particularly Christians in the Diaspora, prepare for this opening and the harvest it will bring. Raise leaders who can pass on the baton and raise others. Prepare the workers. Get the people ready!’


In the late 1980s, Lazarus and Maggie Yeghnazar left Iran with a call to establish Iranian churches throughout the diaspora. 

In 1991, at a conference in Denmark, scattered Iranian Christians gathered together for a time of fellowship, discipleship and to hear from God. Lazarus and Maggie saw the need to unite the various ministries they were involved with under a common name and vision. After seeking God in prayer, they felt God impress ‘2, 2, 2′ on their hearts. They searched the Bible and found 2 Timothy 2:2 clearly stated the vision of the ministry, 

'...and the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others' – and so the work was named ‘222 Ministries’.

Since then, 222 Ministries has been involved in a wide range of pioneering activities, such as Farsi language Christian programmimg broadcasting into Iran via satellite TV and Farsi language Christian internet sites, aimed at raising and developing Christian leaders who can influence the nation of Iran at every level of society.


Lazarus Yeghnazar

Lazarus Yeghnazar was born in Tehran, Iran in 1949 to an Armenian Christian family. At the age of six he saw a vision of Jesus and committed his life to His service. He married Maggie in 1975 and together they have four children.

At age 21 Lazarus was ordained as an elder at the central Assemblies of God Church in Tehran, and at this early age was also appointed as a member of the General Leadership of the AOG churches in Iran. He was imprisoned twice before he was 25 for preaching the Gospel in different cities in Iran (during the time of the Shah).

After the Islamic Revolution, when the American hostages of the embassy were captured, he was called upon twice to conduct Christmas and Easter services for the hostages.

In 1988, after the eight year war between Iran and Iraq, Lazarus and Maggie felt God clearly leading them to leave Iran, first travelling to Switzerland, then settling in England. Through seeking God for the next steps, they felt the call to start 222 Ministries in 1991.

Maggie Yeghnazar

Maggie Yeghnazar (nee Minassian) was born in Tehran, in 1953, in an Armenian nominal Christian family. She accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour when she was ten years old and was gradually absorbed in all aspects of spiritual life and service in the newly established Iranian church in Tehran.

From her teenage years, Maggie has committed herself to serving wherever there was a need. However, her main passion has always been studying and teaching the word of God, and has taught in various bible schools, conferences and TV programmes both inside and outside of Iran.

In 1991 she co-founded 222 Ministries International where she currently serves as Board Member, Director of 222 Ministries’ Women’s ministry and Executive Director of 222 Publications.

Maggie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Damavand College in Tehran, Iran and is currently completing her BA degree in Bible Theology at the London School of Theology.


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