Humanitarian support

God has given us a unique position in the Middle East to meet the needs of so many Iranians, yet it has been impossible to turn a blind eye to the increasing suffering of the wider region.

In recent years God has led 222 to become more involved in responding to the needs of displaced people both from Farsi-speaking nations and beyond. We are now working with different groups of people who need humanitarian support:

  • Refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq. For a time in 2015 we were involved with helping refugees fleeing the attacks on the southern border of Turkey. Since late 2015 222 has been involved in helping Christian refugees in Turkey who have fled from Iraq and Syria, providing what support we can to over 1,000 families. We have also helped a number of Syrian Armenian families who have fled to Armenia. 
  • Many people need to flee Iran or Afghanistan because of their faith in Jesus Christ. These are people who have come to Christ and as a result have faced persecution from the government authorities or their friends. Most coming from Iran travel, some with very dangerous journeys, into Turkey where they seek asylum through the UNHCR. 222 does what it can to support these faithful believers who, despite their asylum applications, have no rights for jobs. Some of these groups have been able to establish fellowships which support each other and reach out to others. For more information, read our blog about the work of Iranian churches in Turkey.
  • There are those who travel westwards looking to improve their lives. Some we find in Turkey, but many come through to Greece and then to Western Europe. 222 has ministry teams working with these people, providing what food they can and sharing the Gospel. We have seen many from Iranian and Afghan backgrounds come to faith in Jesus Christ this way. We are currently linking with Greek churches to see how we can help in the longer term transformation of these people.
  • Pearl of Persia is a ministry that reaches out to those with a variety of needs, including those suffering from the consequences of prostitution, physical or mental abuse or the effects of addictions of various sorts, including drugs and alcohol.


We desperately need your support to meet the humanitarian need with practical help and the Good News of Jesus. Please join us in supporting these precious people.






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