Our vision

Our vision is to see Iran transformed into a nation that bears the image of Christ – renewed in every level of society. We want to see the Church of Iran standing tall and strong, with every believer knowing their true identity in Christ and living the life God has called them to. The mission of 222 Ministries is based on the verse 2 Timothy 2:2...

‘And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others’ – 2 Timothy 2:2

Train, equip, transform

Our mission is to train leaders, equip churches and transform a nation. We believe a nation can only be transformed if individuals are raised with the necessary levels of influence, authority and anointing. Our heart is to raise and develop a new generation of servant leaders in Iran, empowered to fulfil the call of God on their lives. Leaders who will establish churches and impact a nation. To achieve this we engage in a variety of strategic projects, including church planting, training, theological education, Christian media and humanitarian support. 


Training Leaders

Since the Islamic revolution in 1979, it is estimated that over a million people have committed their lives to Christ in Iran. But heavy government persecution has forced the church underground. Many believers, especially church leaders, have been forced to flee to the West.

222 Ministries is committed to training leaders to plant churches, both in Iran and among the diaspora. Every year we organise conferences and produce TV programmes and literature to train leaders in biblical truths. We also run a free online bible college enabling people to study at their own pace from anywhere in the world.

Planting Churches

We believe the Church is the hope of the world, she is the Bride of Jesus Christ, called to reflect his glory on earth. Through establishing churches, communities, cities and nations can be changed. 222 Ministries currently has underground churches in 53 cities of Iran, and many more established amongst Farsi-speaking communities around the world.

Sama TV

Satellite television has been the key to getting Christian teaching material to believers in Iran amidst an onslaught of government controlled channels. Although it is banned, estimates show that approximately four million people are accessing satellite television in Iran. 222 Ministries is a pioneer in the use of television and the internet to build and strengthen churches and to reach Iranians with the gospel message.

Every year we produce hundreds of programmes for broadcast on a range of genres. As a result our phone lines are busy with viewers calling in with questions, requests for prayer or to speak to someone about giving their life to Christ. We also produce material for our websites, social media and publications.

Internet Ministry

222’s internet ministry serves just about every aspect of our work; from children’s ministry, to bible college, to the latest news from Iran (FCNN). It also enables us to share short films and to answer some of the many questions from spiritually hungry Iranians, all in their own language.

Believers can find training materials for every aspect of their Christian walk, and hundreds of future Iranian leaders can subscribe to our online bible college where we can train and equip them online.


The growing Church needs not only bibles in their own language, but also Christian literature, church resources, teaching material for children, worship music and much more. 222 Ministries writes and translates these much needed resources, which contribute to the growth of both individual Christians and churches. Our most recent project was the translation of the highly acclaimed Freedom in Christ course in Farsi, bringing this transformational discipleship material to the Farsi-speaking church around the world.

Humanitarian Support

We believe that the Church of Jesus Christ should be the first to help our suffering brothers and sisters worldwide. Our thriving church communities in Turkey have been able to reach out to many Christians from Syria and Iraq who have fled war and persecution in their country. 222 Ministries provides assistance with emergency food aid, support with basic amenities, medical care and legal aid for asylum. Out of the overflow God has given us we have been able to bless others around us.



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