Internet ministry

Iranians are amongst the highest users of the Internet in the non-western world. In a country of almost 80 million people that’s a huge opportunity we cannot afford to miss. As with television, there are considerable efforts by the government to restrict accessibility to sites outside of Iran, but where the people are hungry, they will find a way – and they do!

222 Ministries is providing thousands of Iranian Christians with free downloadable teaching materials in text, audio and video formats. Our Farsi Christian Resource Centre provides teaching and training resources for any aspect of Christian life, and through the Farsi Christian News Network (FCNN) we are publishing the latest news and developments, all from a Christian view point (FCNN is also available in English – check out the newsfeed at the right of this page).

Iran is a young nation, with 70% of the population being under 30 years of age. Millions of young Iranians are surfing the web in search of hope and thousands are being saved through our work. Help 222 Ministries share the message of hope by getting involved.



The links below take you to various aspects of our internet ministry to Farsi speakers:


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