The Farsi-speaking Church in Turkey

Written on July 7, 2015

Some of the persecuted underground house church leaders who are facing prison sentences or have been imprisoned in Iran and later released, have fled to Turkey. Many have had to leave their belongings behind and need financial support to be able to not only survive in Turkey, but be able to focus on carrying out what the Lord has called them to: reaching Iranians and other Farsi speakers with the love of Christ. They are establishing Farsi-speacking churches in Turkey, where they are reaching Iranians and Afghans who have either sought refuge there or are visiting. 300 converts were baptized through their ministry last year alone!

There are currently churches of converted Iranians in 10 cities in Turkey. These churches are meeting in homes and are growing. There is an increasing need to find permanent facilities for these churches as they are growing by the week. 

As so many Iranians visit Turkey, many of them with relatives living in Turkey, these churches have great opportunities to be beacons of light of God’s love to these visitors, many of whom have been finding Christ and returning home with new found faith and zeal to share their faith with their families back in Iran. We have heard reports of entire families coming to faith in Christ as a result of one person visiting an Iranian church in Turkey, being impacted with the love of Christ, and returning home to Iran with the Good News.




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October 23, 2015

I can witness about their dedication towards the need of others in difficult situations. Helping refugees from Syria in different places. May God protect them. They need our prayers and support. Roland

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