Bible college

222 Ministries established a Bible college in Iran in early 2003 with 40 resident students, but in September 2004 the authorities clamped down on our facility and forced the closure and cancellation of its training programmes.  But this didn’t deter us from our mission. We continued to conduct teaching programmes in a variety of countries and spent long hours in research and preparation to provide extended distance training. 

222’s online Bible college was established in March 2006 with the help of Nations University – the fruit of 3 years’ study and research. In just a few months (and with no advertising) we had 200 students registered and studying the word of God. This shows the sheer hunger for Biblical knowledge among Iranian Christians, and our Bible college is meeting this need. Through the safety of anonymity on the Internet, we now enrol hundreds of emerging Iranian leaders on our online Bible college, to train, equip and empower them to step into their calling.


‘My vision is that one day, when the doors of Iran are once again open to the Gospel, I’ll be able to go back with great experience, theological knowledge and the life-changing message of the Gospel’ – Iranian refugee in Turkey


Through 222, Bible college registration can be anonymous for the student, their real names and contact details known only to the Bible College administrator in Europe. This way they can study the word of God in their own language, in all its richness and without any fear of intimidation from the authorities. By its nature the online Bible College is a highly cost-effective facility, particularly compared to the huge costs of running a physical institution.





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