Church planting

Training leaders to plant churches

We are passionate about training tomorrow’s leaders. We believe they will be used mightily to glorify God in Iran and see his Kingdom come in their generation. That’s why we are so dedicated to training and investing in Iranian leaders who have a heart for their nation. In order to see Iran changed for Christ we believe it is essential to plant churches in Iran and throughout the Iranian Diaspora. To that end we are training leaders to establish new churches and impact their communities.

222 Ministries brings small groups together for intensive periods to teach, equip, mentor and provide much-needed fellowship amongst believers working in Iran and the region. Security threats don’t allow us to gather in Iran, so 222 gathers small groups to meet outside the country to receive the input they need to step into the calling God has for them. 

Each year, 222 Ministries also hosts national conferences for expatriate Iranians in Western countries. The USA, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are just some of the locations where Iranian Christians gather together for times of input and fellowship. Through these conferences, 222 Ministries is able to envision, strengthen and equip the Iranian church in the Diaspora. These have proved to be milestone events when we have seen God move with power, and where believers from all over the world have returned home encouraged, refreshed and full of fresh zeal and passion for Iran.


‘‘I was so blessed by the rich time I experienced at the conference. I have been telling everyone about what I heard, saw and learned there. I am trying to stir their hearts with the same fire that I received in my heart at the conference. So I wanted to say one more time thank you, thank you, thank you!’ – Elnaz, Turkey  
… it was the first time I had seen this many fellow Farsi-speaking brothers and sisters gathered together from literally all over the world to worship the LORD and remembering His covenant with the Persian speaking people. This conference refuelled me and gave me new burdens for the people of the country I live in.’ – Ibrahim, Iran




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