Partners and endorsers

222 Ministries is blessed by the partnership and endorsement of brothers and sisters who not only support us in ministry, but are an incredible source of strength and blessing through their prayers and encouragement.



Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson

President, Learn To Lead based in Agoura Hills, California. Author of six management / leadership books and international leadership teacher (

‘The world is filled with causes with great need and worthy of resources from those able to help. I choose to invest my time, dollars and heart in 222 Ministries because their mission, To Win Iran Back For Christ, is one of the most pressing issues of our time. 222’s commitment to train leaders who can multiply the Kingdom of God in one of the world’s most hostile environment for Christians is both strategic, courageous and can change the course of history. It is a privilege to align myself with Lazarus, Maggie and their entire leadership team as we work together to accomplish world-changing mission.’

Dr Doug Carter

Senior Vice President, EQUIP (

‘Equip has the joy of partnership with many outstanding organisations as we endeavor to provide leadership training and resources to international Christian leaders. Because of their focus on Iran and the broader Persian World, we believe our partnership with Lazarus Yaghnazar and 222 Ministries is one of the most strategic we have ever established. We greatly admire their vision, passion, and commitment to excellence.’


Michael Ramsden

Dr Michael Ramsden

European Director, RZIM Zacharias Trust (

‘222 Ministries International is a vital and strategic ministry that deserves to be widely supported and recognised.’


Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson

Chief Executive, Release International ( 

‘The vision of Release International is, “A world in which the whole Body of Christ understands persecution and responds prayerfully, pastorally and practically every time a Christian is persecuted.” Supporting the work of 222 Ministries is key to helping us fulfil that in Iran. I have known Lazarus and Maggie Yeghnazar personally for several years and know them to be Godly people with a lifelong call from God and a vision for the church in Iran; to which their own lives, family, and the ministry they fulfil bear significant testimony. Release International is privileged to partner with 222 Ministries and I am delighted to offer my endorsement.’


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