From strength to strength

Every time we have a training event there are dozens of stories of healing, breakthrough and revelation. They are incredible times of ministry and training in the word of God. Here is just a glimpse of some of the things that went on at our most recent conference, where Greg Haslam taught from the book of Genesis.


‘In this conference I felt the presence of Jesus Christ with all my being. The teaching was so new and extraordinary for me, and I found a fresh desire to serve better and more effectively. I have decided not to live for my own sake, but to live for my people and to spread the saving message of the Gospel. I am now ready to transfer to others what I have learned here and not to be the silent wall. I came here empty, without joy, and powerless, but am going back with hands full of blessings and joyfulness to share this saving message with others.’  – Anna*

'Genesis was an undiscovered book to me and I had many questions about it. At this conference I found many answers to those questions and I believe the Holy Spirit will help me understand the rest of them. During the conference the Lord gave me visions and plans about my role in serving others, it was a confirmation of what God wants me to do in His kingdom on earth.' – Mehdi*

'In the lessons I learned new things that I'd never heard before. The vastness of God and His brilliance became clearer to me. I saw people's need to be heard and their need for prayer, and I understood afresh that when we listen and pray for each other they feel loved, confirmed and valued. These feelings are still so unknown to many.' – Amir*

'It is with complete faith and heartfelt conviction that I say that in this conference I was freed from bondage and the control of dark forces that had enslaved me. I have been a Christian for six years now, but this conference has made a difference in my soul. My testimony in short is this: in the name of Jesus Christ I have been called.' – Siavas*

'I thank God for His work and for the conferences of 222 Ministries. I strongly felt the presence of God in visions during the conference and received healing in my unwell body. I have high cholesterol and a tumor in my pituitary gland which leaves me with very bad vision, I also suffer with insomnia and migraines. After prayer with my dear sister I received healing for many of these symptoms and am now having restful and relaxed nights without medication. The teaching from Genesis encouraged me to share this blessing with Muslim friends so they too can get to know this living, healing God.' – Mahsa*

'I thank God that I had this great opportunity to participate in this conference. In these few days I have received many blessings from God and realised that I too can pray for others' health and recovery. Here I realsied that God has not just called on some very special people, but has many gifts for all to receive and to use for the expansion of His kingdom. The joy of service has renewed and set my heart on fire; I was touched anew with the presence of the Holy Spirit in my heart and can promise to share these lessons and declare his message to many others.' – Mehran*


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